Monday, October 15, 2012

Leather Jackets

I am a bit obsessed with leather jackets and these are to DIE for (but unfortunately for my college budget, these are way too pricey!). But if you are looking for a good quality leather jacket then splurging on one of these is OK since they are real leather. Just make sure that you take good care and wear the hell out of it!
Muubaa Alexis Drape Suede Jacket, $547.93

Muubaa Patara Leather Biker Jacket, $547.93

Muubaa Cion 2012 Fitted Leather Biker Jacket, $595.03

Obviously, I'm not going to leave you drooling after these wallet breaker jackets. The jackets below are definitely more reasonable for your pocket and you will be happy knowing that you spent under $50 for a jacket!

Forever 21 Perforated Moto Jacket, $34.80

Forever 21 Quilted Moto Jacket, $22.50

H&M Jacket, $49.95

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